Why Others Support SJIS

We are ever grateful for the wačháŋtognakagenerosity — of donors like you who help educate Lakota children and their families for life. See the positive impact you can make — now and for years to come — when you include St. Joseph's Indian School in your estate plan.

Inspired to Make a Difference

Andrew Massimilla

Andrew Massimilla thought he was only arriving to Chamberlain, SD, to hunt for pheasants hidden along the rolling hills of the wide-open prairie. Although this happened, he came upon another hidden gem along the Missouri River's edge – St. Joseph's Indian School. Read More

Arriving with Grief, Leaving with Hope

Paper lanterns

Something simple became a vehicle for healing at St. Joseph’s Indian School, for our high school girls. A moving ceremony shared with their houseparents allowed them to memorialize loved ones and imagine a promising future. Your gifts made this happen! Read More

Unlocking Every Child’s Unique Potential

Lily in her cap and gown

At St. Joseph’s Indian School, we know that greatness lies within every child — we simply have to help them recognize it. Lily, a St. Joseph’s alumna, shares the impact her time at St. Joseph’s Indian School had on her and continues to have, as she works to achieve her dreams. Read More

Keeping the Heartbeat of the Drum Beating

Chalk Hills Singers

Knowing not every young man at St. Joseph’s Indian School has access to learn how to drum and sing Lakota songs in their homes, the Chalk Hills Singers fill a very important need to teach Lakota boys this valuable skill. Read More

Former Students Return to Bless St. Joseph's in a Big Way


Nobody knew when Kim, Mike and Jim Iron Heart graduated from St. Joseph’s Indian School in the late 1980s and early 1990s the siblings would be back decades later to make an impact for future graduates. Read More

Students Make a Difference by Serving Others

Students helping seniors make dream catchers

Young boys and girls today are destined to change the world. In large and small ways, they will impact the future for themselves and others. Because of you, students at St. Joseph's Indian School are escaping the cycle of poverty and growing into the productive citizens and caring leaders of tomorrow. Read More

Students Find Comfort in Furry Friends

Kids with dogs

Homes are always happier when one of the members of the family walks on four legs, right? We sure think so! With help from supporters like you, St. Joseph's is proud to have the Houseparents and Pets In (HAPI) Homes program on campus. Read More

An Education Focused on Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit

In 2018, we launched a new program for students called Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH), part of a nationwide effort to combat childhood obesity and teach students healthy lifestyles. The kindness and generosity of supporters like you is what makes programs like CATCH possible. Read More

Excellence Beyond the Classroom

Pfc. Martina Hawk

Pfc. Martina Hawk, an alumna of St. Joseph's Indian School's graduating class of 2016, was recently awarded the Army Achievement Medal. Your support of St. Joseph's Indian School is what makes the success of students like Martina possible. Read More

Life After St. Joseph's Indian School

What will I do after graduation? Where will I go? Who will I become? These introspective questions have been known to cause anxiety in the lives of many young adults facing the monumental step of high school graduation. Philámayayethank you — for walking alongside us as we encourage our students to find their inner fire and pursue what makes it burn brightest. Read More

Serving the Whole Family

Staff quickly noticed that first-grader Dana had severe speaking difficulties and was nearly impossible to understand. As soon as she arrived, St. Joseph's began wrapping services around Dana to get her the best care possible. Kȟoláfriends — like you make it possible for children like Dana to receive the counseling, therapy and support they need. Read More

Children Worth Fighting For

Kids swinging on a tire swing

Growing up, twins Ethan and Eli showed extreme athleticism in the boxing ring, so much so their educations were often neglected. However, instead of giving up, St. Joseph's staff decided to fight FOR the boys — not against them. You may not ever meet the students your gift helps, but never doubt the difference your support makes in the lives of Lakota children like Eli and Ethan. Read More

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