Why Others Support SJIS

Planned Gift Donor Comment

“It is an honor to help your wonderful work.”
— F. Rasmus, Pennsylvania

Annuity Comments

“We established a charitable gift annuity to enable the Native American children to a brighter and more promising future.”
— H. Grimes, Missouri
“I feel annuity giving is one of the best things a person can do because it provides for the needs of the organization and gives a lifetime income to the annuitants, so it works good both ways.”
— L. Gerevas, California

Will Comments

“Have always felt a spiritual connection to the Native American beliefs. After traveling in South Dakota and seeing how some of the people live we felt we could help through our estate.”
— T. & M. Carney, Pennsylvania
“The Lakota boys and girls attending St. Joseph’s Indian School are included in my Will. I feel I can help them much more after I am gone than I can at the present. It fills my heart with joy to include them as part of my legacy.”
— F. Aberwald, Wisconsin
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